In this life, if you are not doing what God wants you to do, then your life is meaningless. It’s as if you were never born. Your life has no value. Not only must you do your duty, you must be outstanding at it.
As an artist you live in an impecunious state. You survive by being pushed by a force that is greater than yourself.

As you go through life, you will cross paths with the many descendants of Antonio Salieri. Although wearing many guises, they cannot hide their jealousy and envy towards you. They will say anyone can do what you are being lauded for. They can’t and they will never achieve your artistic success. They do not have the talent, heart, ambition or guts to win. They are as strong as straws in the wind. The evidence shows that they will forever wallow in the failure that constitutes the rot of their existance. For that is their destiny in this life.

In these challenging economic times, religious and pseudo spiritual individuals will seek to exploit the weak. Those who inhabit the well stocked shelves labeled “Fools R Us”.

The followers of these “Pretenders To The Throne” will tell you that their leader possesses the “Ooh Aah” knowledge that has been passed down through thousands of years. With this knowledge anyone will be able to achieve greatness in any field. They possess no such knowledge.

These are people who have been artfully decieved. They are lemmings who have been lead over the cliff. Desperate for social acceptance and lacking in self confidence, they are decieved and intimidated through “group think”. The natural talents that were given to them by God is now solely attributable to a minor actor who has bestowed his/her blessings on them. This is all a crock.

Those leaders whom their followers say possess superior spiritual knowledge that will turn mere mortals into gods should be put to the test. A test that is objective and also demands that they and their followers wager substantial amounts of money with a casino. A receipt of the transaction is then presented to the media worldwide to verify the authenticity of the bet.

The following nine tests are presented. Three must be chosen to compete in. And all three must be won while achieving a new record. In all of these events, you will have a “God” competing against mere mortals. And The whole world will be watching.

Scared money never wins. They must wager a substantial amount of money to show their belief in their pseudo god and his/her superior secret knowledge. When they win, they will be richer than in their wildest dreams and they will never be questioned again.

They will tell you that they can’t use this secret spiritual knowledge for selfish material gain. This will not be their case because 100% of their winnings from the bet will be donated to charity, thereby serving the greater good of humanity. Precisely what such superior spiritual knowledge is meant for!!!

The Following nine contests are presented to the “Prentenders To The Throne”.

1) Masters Golf Tournament: Win and set a new course record

2) Tennis Grand Slam: Win all four tournaments

3) Olympic Marathon: Win and set a new record

4) Olympic Weightlifting: Set a new record in the heavyweight division

5) Major League Baseball: Knuckleball Pitcher. Twenty game winner. Six perfect games.

6) Olympic Decathalon: Win and set a new record.

7) Pole Vault: Set a new record

8) Climb K2 in record time: In the middle of winter. By yourself.

9) Chess Grandmaster: Gold Medal Winner

10) Extra Credit: Walk on water for three miles

Since the first nine have been accomplished by many without superior spiritual knowledge, then the logical conclusion is that those who possess such knowledge will easily accomplish them also. They will never achieve it. They possess no such knowledge!

They want followers for their money and their success so that they can use them for their own selfish motives. Reject them all.

The Lord Jesus Christ has stated “All things that I have done, so can you”. Meditate on that. Nothing more is necessary.